7 simple tips for search success

Here at Next Pixel we are specialists at what we do and trusted by many businesses to look after their online presence and ensure they are ranking as well as they can be. We are not precious about what we know so we will be sharing a few hints and tips on a topic relevant to our market.

Today’s hints and tips are provided by Next Pixel’s MD Chris Harpin and he gives us 7 tips for search success.

  1. Create a list of target terms for your website

Phrases with multiple words are generally easier to rank for than single words and local terms tend to be easier still. Pull a mixture together ready to target short and long term success.

There are lots of tools available online to assist identification, a simple search on Google for Keyword Suggestion tools will help. Enter your main keywords and decide which suggestions are likely to be used by people searching for your website.

  1. Create a page for every term that you wish to target

If you want to be found for Red Apples in Barnsley, it’s much more likely if you have a page about Red Apples in Barnsley.

This page might also be used for Red Apples or Apples in Barnsley.

  1. Include your keywords or key phrase in the right places

Make sure your page title is Red Apples in Barnsley and that you include the term in your title tag, web address www.yourdomain.com/red-apples-barnsley and that you include it in your content without being spammy.

  1. Set the perfect meta tag for success

Check search engines for Red Apples in Barnsley and look at what your competitors are doing to entice clicks. Make sure that your meta description stands out from the crowd. This won’t affect where you appear on the list but there’s no point standing at the top of the list if everyone else is enticing clicks with their meta description.

  1. Tag your images

Add ALT tags and Title tags to your images on the Red Apple page that include your keywords or key phrase.

  1. Use your website to get links

Search for other mentions of Red Apples on your website and link them to your Red Apple page. Add titles to your links with your full key phrase.

  1. Earn links on other websites

Look to attract links to your Red Apple page from other websites. Sending articles to industry blog and news sites, sending samples to leading industry bloggers and submitting to relevant directories are all great ways to win links. Avoid the $20 for 10,000 links banners and promotions, Google really is clever and can tell when you’ve done that.

Try to mix the words used within the link that is given to your website to make sure your profile appears natural.