• Understanding SEO is the first step to achieving success on your website. Read our article today and the 5 W’s of SEO will help you grasp an understanding of the topic in hand.

  • Marketing your business in the right way is essential. Read our article on best practices for developing an effective marketing strategy along with hints and tips.

  • Usability is the process of making your website as simple and clear as possible for your visitors. Read our blog on how to make sure your website meets usability standards.

  • Keyword Cannibalism is the situation in which multiple pages are battling it out to rank well in search engines, through similar targeted keywords or duplicated content. Read here on how you can avoid this happening on your website.

  • Google is currently rolling out a new update, that will create its listing based on the mobile version of the websites, rather than the desktop. Prepare for this change here with us.

  • There are a lot of details and different specific factors that make up page speed, but the simple way to think of it is the time it takes your pages to load. It’s commonly thought that the benchmark is 2/3 seconds, that’s what we want to be aiming for.

  • Your website is the go-to place for information that you want your potential customers to find out about your business and advertise your products and services effectively. Here’s our advice on how to drive traffic to your site.

  • Recently, there has been a lot of talk in the digital world around people making their websites HTTPS, with many saying they are waiting, and many saying they did it a long time ago. Read about making your website https here.

  • Using images on your website is a critical part of your page content in today’s online environment. Images can be seen to have a language or their own, they can say so much and compliment your written content, improving your web pages all round.

  • Next Pixel will be out on the road exhibiting at two South Yorkshire events this month. Come and see us at LEAF in Rotherham and the Sheffield Business Show.

  • Consumers now have more choice than ever when surfing the net, so if you run an online store, chances are you’re competing with hundreds of other websites. Read our blog about how to gain customers trust and become the first choice.

  • Over the years working within the online community there is a general misconception that WordPress, as a CMS and eCommerce platform, is not secure enough and should be avoided. This post should help to ease any apprehensions you may have regarding WordPress, find out why here.

  • Having good quality images and video for your website is important. As first impressions count, people are attracted to images that are pleasing to the eye. Find out the best places to find the perfect images here with our head of creative, Richard!

  • You may often ask yourself, would social media benefit my business? The answer is simple, yes. Social media proves useful for all businesses regardless of size. Find out the best way to use it here.

  • Technical optimisation is an important part of any search engine strategy and should form the basis of your efforts. This process involves auditing various aspect of your website, find out how to master this art here.

  • If you manage an online store and haven’t previously looked in to cart abandonment statistics, you may be in for a surprise. Read our blog post here and find out how you can convert these abandoned carts.

  • Is your website performing as well as it could be? Does it project the best image for your business? Is it generating you enough leads? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself if you are unsure, or you could read our informative blog post and let us help you decide.

  • It’s Social Media Day 2017, and having a presence on social media is more important than it has ever been. If you’re not sure why then find out how to have a good presence on your social media with this helpful blog post.

  • May the fourth is an important day to us at Next Pixel, and no, it’s not because it’s Star Wars day! The fourth of May marks World Password Day, read about how to keep your passwords safe and secure here.

  • Visual Composer is a wonderful WordPress plugin that helps you to take full control of your website content. We deploy the Visual Composer plugin as standard on all sites, find out why we think it’s the ideal plugin for every site!

  • Meta Descriptions are the perfect way to begin your relationship with potential visitors. They are the small snippet of text that is located underneath the page title when you search for a page on Google.

  • If you’re planning to produce new content for your website, it’s important to remember the do’s and don’ts that you should follow to keep your readers interested. Content can make or break a website, find out how to perfect it!

  • Here at Next Pixel we are specialists at what we do and trusted by many businesses to look after their online presence and ensure they are ranking as well as they can be. Let us share our search tips with you here on our blog!

  • Looking professional on your emails is really important when you are trying to communicate with customers and potential customers. Let us show you a great way of looking professional with a new email signature.

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