Server speed is vital in the performance of a well created website.

Quick page load times are key when it comes to your customer experience and your search results, so we partner with a leading supplier to ensure we get the best equipment supported by the best service.

Website speed has always been a key factor in the creation of a good website, but now so more than ever as it plays a big part in where a site ranks on major search engines. To ensure our servers continue to run at optimal performance levels, we are careful about what sites we host and it is our policy that updates must be implemented to all web site software for maximum security.

Back up facilities are included on all websites including a daily back up that is available for up to 30 days and incremental backups which are taken in real time, to ensure your website is always safe with us.

Next generation Dell PowerEdge servers

SSD hard drives used as standard to make sites load even quicker

Super-Fast network connecting UK data centres

Backup & restore service included

Resources such as disk space and memory are all scalable allowing your site to grow without needing to be migrated to a new server, this is also available on a temporary basis to cater for short term requirements.

Specialist additional services such as DDOS mitigation and cyber security audits can be undertaken to keep you safe.

We never stop working to ensure that your website is safe and will run at optimal speeds, to always impress your customers.

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