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A updated, information rich website with clear navigation of all services and locations.

ANVSJ are an expert self-storage and pallet company, with a very wide range of extra services that they provide. Being located so close to Next Pixel, we were honoured to work alongside ANVSJ to provide them with a fresh online look. We provided them the tools they need to excel their ability to generate leads and customers online.

We were tasked with creating an updated and modernised website for storage company ANSVJ. The site clearly presented the many services and features that the company offer with mini sites for different locations and services. The range of services and locations meant that the website needed to provide clear information on what you could get, and where you could get it.

The site features 3 column tables to clearly provide the user with information on services offered and maps targeted at different locations to show where certain services are offered exactly. We built the website with users and search engines in mind, so location landing pages were also included in the site to boost rankings and increase traffic to the site.