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Brochure website and member portal for our local chamber.

The Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce is a local chamber that helps it members with a range of impressive business support services. They provide Barnsley and Rotherham businesses with business advice, networking events and much more. Being part of the Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce ourselves, we were very happy to create the website that the Chamber was in need of. We listened to all their wants and needs and took care and attention to create it exactly how it was envisioned.

The site is very much content based, as a lot of the website hosts pages full of information for its members to use and benefit from. The website contains a directory, news page, events calendar and many more useful informative tools for the members of the chamber. On each training course page, we built a form that allows users to apply for the course. Each page has all the information that the user will need to know about this course, such as the location, time and the details of the organiser. The site has member only content, which is another benefit for the members of the BR Chamber, that they are able to access specialist content and features.

We produced this website for our local Chamber of Commerce to attract new members, share key information and promote their services.