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A new website designed for local Mixed Martial Arts event to increase ticket sales.

Caged Steel Fighting Championship is a Doncaster based MMA club that specialise in promoting a variety of events across South Yorkshire. The event occurs regularly at the Doncaster Dome, and attracts fighters and fans from around the country. We needed a website to portray this event perfectly.

We knew that this event was serious and hard hitting, so we crafted the website to fit the feel of the events. The visuals are sharp and lots of dark colouring is used to portray the serious aspect of the event.

We’ve produced a new, fully responsive site to showcase their debut fighters for the next event along with other aspects of the club such as their YouTube channel and sponsors. We included a newsletter sign up on the website. This allows fans and customers to keep up to date with competitions and event news. The website has sections for the next event and the previous events, therefore fans are able to revisit past events and see fight results. The site is integrated with Eventbrite to allow tickets to be bought from a link on the Caged Steel website.