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Introducing a service led website for family-run law firm.

Coates Solicitors wanted a new website that would allow potential clients to easily access a wide range of information about the legal services that the company have to offer. The design of the website was upmarket and high-quality, allowing Coates to been seen as the trustworthy and friendly solicitors that they are. The brand fit their needs perfectly and showcased them in the best light. With an easy to navigate site structure and a modern design, Next Pixel developed a website that would meet these requirements and provide a variety of opportunities for users to get in touch with one of Coates Solicitors’ experienced consultants.

The website includes a bespoke quote calculator in which users can input relevant data to be presented with a free, instant conveyancing quote. This calculator shows our ability to create bespoke features for any industry that serves a purpose for users that excels Coates above and beyond other solicitor’s websites. The complexity of the calculator allows Coates Solicitors to edit values within the formula, meaning that they were able to customise the calculator to fit the needs of their users.