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A new website complete with booking platform to book bespoke and accredited qualifications for leading training provider.

Create Skills are a training provider that specialise in vocational and commercial training courses. This can vary from health and safety courses to business and management training. With such a wide range of courses available, the site needed to be fitting and appropriate for a range of people, so the design was made pleasing to all ages and people.

The new Create Skills website includes an updated look and feel along with incorporating full course details in order to reduce administrative time. This also allows users to see the most detail about the course they may be applying for. Therefore, users that are applying for courses are finding out the top to bottom of the course, ensuring nobody signs up for anything they are unsure about.

The site features an integrated eCommerce course booking system enabling online booking and course payments. This process enables customers to take advantage of the improvements of online booking. The website includes full course information with the option when uploading the course to be bookable or enquiry only.