Transforming an eCommerce business to truly reflect the vision and unparalleled tone of its products.


The Insight

Unlike most eCommerce projects, this was not a case of increasing turnover. Effectrode came to us looking for a website that differentiated from other manufacturers. Their philosophy of only using the finest audiophile components to produce pedals that are unique, original and meticulously designed from the ground up, was the obsessive attention to detail that they were looking for in Next Pixel to achieve their vision.

With a global client base including world-renowned artists as David Gilmour, Paul Stacey and Seasick Steve it was important that their products could be easily bought in different currency’s, with the nice touch of users being automatically presented with the correct currency based on their location.


The Idea

We collaborated with them to create a concept that is fuelled by a sense of nostalgia and fascination with the clean lines and simplicity of vintage vacuum tube instrumentation built back in the 1950s and 60s.

To echo the vintage feel, extensive research on vintage tube catalogues and graphic design from the period was undertaken revealing colour pallets, font combinations and photography that were implemented throughout the site.


The Solution

Content heavy product pages have been designed and built for easy user navigation and to display an abundance of information including videos, testimonials, reviews, product manual downloads and articles on the product. The website is integrated with music and audio platform SoundCloud to allow the buyer to experience the exceptionally rich and full-bodied tone before making a purchase.

Alongside their incredible products, an unparalleled wealth of knowledge has been built up and therefore needed to be displayed on the website in a logical and easily digestible manner, so a simple yet effective category structure and pages were designed and produced.

In such a competitive eCommerce market an SEO strategy was integral to the long-term success of the website. By working with Effectrode, a plan was devised and is currently being undertaken by our in-house team.


The Next Pixel team delivered our website on time (ahead of schedule in fact) and on budget. They did an excellent job of overhauling the site structure, making it easier to use and navigate and also completely redesigned the appearance to give the site a classy 1960's look. Additionally, Alex and Richard have been quick to respond to our requests for changes/improvements and extremely efficient in resolving any technical difficulties that have arisen.

Phil Taylor, Owner