Gorton Studio

Modernizing the Studio’s web presence to reflect the different types of training course and payment options available.


The Insight

Gorton Studio is directed by internationally acclaimed prosthetics designer and teacher Neill Gorton and is widely regarded as THE place to learn the craft. Students come from all over the world, and their industry success stands testament to the quality of their teaching.

They train beginners for careers in the film industry, help professionals improve their skills, support teachers in delivering industry-relevant courses, and provide specialist modules for universities and colleges as part of wider curricula.


The Idea

As Gorton’s brand is a leading light in their industry, it was important to reflect this in the design to allow for a seamless transition from offline to an online presence; you can see these details throughout the site including the use of typography, photography and use of brand colours.

Our task was to build on the success of the existing website by modernizing the Studio’s web presence to reflect the different types of training courses and payment options available while showing off the studio as one of the world’s leading providers.

The aim was to help increase bookings both online and studio-based training. What better way to do so than by igniting the imaginations of potential students, with an enhanced user journey around the website helping to highlight the different areas of learning and the studio with ample, yet carefully selected, photography.


The Solution

With such varied courses the website was built to handle complex online payment systems including subscriptions and intricate learn materials.

A truly responsive design was needed to cater for their target audience which sees a large proportion of users viewing on mobile and tablet devices to make sure the user experience was consistent when and where ever they were viewing.

Small touches were added, including a sliding movie library, when crediting passed students with film and television shows they have worked on.

We look forward to continuing to work with Gorton Studio and supporting their marketing department on a variety of new and exciting projects.


The Gorton Studio website was a challenge in many areas, including complex payment systems and intricate product content with varying terms and conditions. Next Pixel’s technical expertise and attention to detail in helping us navigate these elements was fantastic, and the creative guidance and styling they brought to the project was exactly right for the theme. They are a friendly and patient team to work with and we’re delighted with this site!

Lisa Gorton, Owner