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Online store with store locator for popular home baking retailer and manufacturer.

Greens Cakes are a well known home baking manufacturer known for creating easy to use and family friendly cake and dessert mixes to be able to make delicious tasting and looking desserts in your own home. With products in large supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda and more, the company wanted an updated website to promote the stature of the brand.

The updated website is a perfect tool for Greens Cakes to increase their brand awareness and provide an enjoyable shopping experience for their customers. A Stockists page was included in the site that would enable customers to find their local Greens stockist as an alternative to purchasing online.

Green’s Cakes have happily used our SEO services for many months now, with visible results and improvements appearing on their monthly report each month. We began with a perfecting technical SEO on the website, ensuring that is was search engine, and more importantly, user friendly.

We have put several hours of work into intertwining our search optimisation services with the overall marketing strategy at Greens, with constant close contact and working together with their marketing team. This has led to collaborations with Bloggers online as well as magazines and news providers, expanding Greens website visitors and bringing much more exposure to the website. We have combined our digital knowledge with the marketing skills of the Greens team to create excellent marketing campaigns on and off the website around Easter and other fitting special occasions for the home baking company.