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New online presence for regional welfare facility hire company to generate enquiries.

Liberty Group are a business that set the standard when it comes to providing welfare facilities, portable buildings and a range of other products and services, for building sites and similar situations.

Our task was to produce a service-lead site that would promote the new Liberty Group brand and the realignment of their subsidiaries. With an emphasis on generating more enquiries, we ensured the website was fully responsive so users could easily browse the site from any device. The site very much revolved around the current brand of the business, and everything was designed and built with the brand guidelines in mind.

The website boasts a range of stunning images, that showcase the products that Liberty Guard have at their disposal in the best possible light. The 3D renders of welfare units give the users the best idea of what the products will look like if they choose to use them, so their customers will know what they are getting.

The product pages are bespoke built, hosting a range of useful information for the users, such as what each unit contains and comes with and a set of images to get the best look and feel of the product. The pages also contain downloadable specification guides for each welfare unit, which allows users to get the best feel for the product before they may end up purchasing it.