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Brochure website for leading retirement home in Lincoln.

Monson Retirement Home is Lincoln’s premier Retirement home who provide a wonderful level of support and care facilities for their residents and wanted to promote this via a descriptive minimal page website.

The company wanted a website that would promote the high standards of care that they put into practice every day, to do this they wanted a simple website that had all information you could possibly want to know right there on the homepage. This type of layout was specifically chosen to appeal to their target audience, who don’t want to search around online for pages of advice and information.

The site boasts a rich gallery of images to promote their facilities and their happy and settled residents and carers to show the personality of the home and the activities that they arrange.

Monson Retirement Home has many lovely reviews and ratings submitted by the families of their residents and wanted to display these proudly on the page for everyone to see. The reviews and ratings on the homepage add a sense of trust and consumer confidence for the users on the site, meaning that the site is more likely to convert users into customers.