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A fitting website for a stylish contemporary product.

Premier Radiators are suppliers of elegant storage radiators, that serve the purpose of warming your home, but also fitting your home décor. They are built to be stylish, and not look like your average radiator. To fit the ideology of the users of the website, we therefore believed that their new site needed to be stylish, and not your average website.

We produced this website for Premier Radiators to showcase their modern range of contemporary radiators. The site works great on any device, with detailed attention on the responsive design of the website, and various ways to generate product enquiries.

The site did not compromise on visual design, and uses stunning imagery and lifestyles shots to portray how the radiators can improve the look of your home. As the products are made to appeal to people who like style and beautiful design, we followed suit on the website and made sure that it served that purpose too.

We also included the use of surveys and applications for catalogues throughout the site, so it was information-rich for the users that were really interested in purchasing one of Premier Radiator upmarket storage heaters.

We created a bespoke form that allowed users to book a free survey, which told them what type heater may be correct for their homes, dependant on a number of factors.