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New online store for leading presentation product seller with varying bulk discounts.


Warehouse Video Services are suppliers of Disc and USB presentation cases, engraved products, photo albums, and much more. This company often provides people with products for their special day, so we were aware that this needed to be a special website.

Our task was to create a brand new online store that would present the many products sold. This is a versatile eCommerce solution that is built to grow with the business. With easy product management in the content management system, we were confident that if Warehouse Video Services were in need of expanding their site then it would be no issue at all. Selected products are equipped with certain customisable options to tailor the products colour, size and engraving options.

The site uses WorldPay to carry out the secure checkouts online, to give customers peace of mind when they are shopping with Warehouse Video Services. We made the site with easy to use navigation, which allows users to find what they want and need with no issues. This is a great feature for user experience as it does not put the site at risk of being over-complicated and off-putting for potential customers.