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Comparison website for UK electric heater brands.


What Heater are an Electric Heating Comparison company. They help users decide what electric heater is best for them in their current situation. The website compares Fischer Future Heat, Novo Rad, Premier Radiators and EKORAD. Each brand of electric heater has its own unique features and benefits, which are outlined by What Heater on the website.

We produced the lead generation website for What Heater for UK consumers to be able to compare UK electric heating brands. Each brand has its own page on the website which allows interested users to either; request a brochure, enquire now or visit the brand website.

The site is very much focused on content and on informing users of which is the best electric heater company. This meant that we had to design the website in a way that allowed all the content and information to be easily consumed. Users can navigate to the necessary pages easily and the content on the pages is in a good-sized font and colour to make the reading as easy as possible. This allows users to really get an idea of what the right brand for them is.