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We will communicate your message in a way that will make potential customers want to find out more about the services you have to offer. Using tailored concepts and strategies, we’ll deliver a website that will appeal to your target audience and build conversions by showcasing your business in the best possible light.

International & Multilingual service by NextPixel

Localise for billions of opportunities

Global internet users passed 4 billion in 2018 following a record year in 2017 that welcomed 250 million new internet users. In perspective, the UK accounts for 1.5% of global users at 63 million.

Our experience allows us to help you adapt your message with consideration towards new target audiences. Research is key as historic lessons need to accommodate local factors such as how much emphasis should be placed on trust, how much on after service, should any colours from your brand scheme be viewed as taboo.

These form some of the considerations we make for your new multilingual website, contact us for a no-obligation discussion.

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Technical solutions tailored to suit

Like most technical solutions there are a variety of ways to internationalise your website, they vary in cost and the benefits they offer. We will evaluate and recommend which option presents the best value for your businesses as we learn more about your business ambitions.

A quick summary of four key approaches that scale up in costs.

The most cost effective way that allows further languages to be added to your existing website.
Duplicating an existing website is relatively cost effective compared to the work involved in the initial build. This allows your website to be localised with considerations made for your new audience.
Separate sites
You could register your domain in multiple countries, for example, .de, .in, etc. This would allow your website to be hosted locally in each country for optimum page load speeds to aid search performance.
Multi-location with Geo-routing
This option offers all the previous benefits whilst all working on a single domain. Serving your website from a local datacentre is a great search tactic thanks to optimum load times and simultaneously focussing all marketing efforts on a single domain allows your global operation to benefit from all local efforts.

Fully managed service available

We can hide behind the scenes and simply make things work right when you have everything covered or we are happy to play more of a supporting role in your site. With many international websites to our credit, we appreciate the additional factors required for a successful project that will present your business on an international stage.

One thing we will ask for a little extra help with is translating your content. We will make this process simple for translators from within your business or we can recommend third party providers that we are happy to collaborate with.

We’re happy to manage everything else in-house if you would like us to.

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When local help is needed

For many years we have supported an international client base of our own, often working remotely helping via remote access and video conferencing. We’re also available for international travel to attend key meetings or to work alongside administrators and assist with familiarisation when more complex projects require truly local support.

Let’s talk about what we can do for your website.

Next Pixel's work on our website and online marketing has made a significant difference to our fresh started business. We wanted a modern and visual website to reflect our business and the team at Next Pixel went beyond our expectations. We started receiving reservations from the first week we went live, special thank you to Alex Bellis for the great job done!

Dario Ariol Sani, Resident Manager, Borgo Argiano

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