Mobile Application Development

In some cases, a website does not meet your needs, and a different solution is required. We can craft you a perfectly functioning and aesthetically pleasing mobile application that will cover all your business needs.

Mobile Application Development with NextPixel

When you need more than a website

A mobile application is a great way to achieve a goal. Whether you require an application to form part of a multi-channel digital strategy to offer additional conversion opportunities, or as part of a digital adaptation strategy providing a business tool to streamline operations whilst increasing visibility. 

The scope of opportunity is vast and varied but our approach is always consistent, contact us to talk about your mobile application. 

Next Pixel Mobile Excellence Award

Award-winning mobile experience

With a digital pedigree in web design, we naturally progressed to mobile technologies, along with most of the digital sector. Along the way we’ve won many awards for our work but one we are most proud of is the Mobile Excellence award that we received for our website. 

Agile management and development

Bespoke development is often served best from an agile approach to project management. Working towards defined goals your application can adapt to accommodate user feedback at key stages.  

Our project manager will work closely with your project sponsor throughout production ensuring they’re fully included in all decision making.  

Next Pixel Mobile Application Development

Managed, developed and supported in-house

All development and project management services will be undertaken in-house and we have a 0% labour turnover ensuring post-launch support will be provided from those that understand your project best. 

Experience developing live applications

Due to their tailored nature applications often prove worthwhile swiftly encouraging businesses to explore further opportunities for digital adaptation throughout their organisation. 

Developing future releases whilst supporting a live release that may require modifications at any given moment could be described as a digital juggling act. We’re well versed and experienced in how to approach this safely for all users and stakeholders to ensure maximum uptime. 

Build once launch thrice

Where possible we will build your application on a simple framework allowing easy release of local versions on Apple, Android & Windows. Other platforms can be considered where required. 

This minimises development work for both your initial build and all future releases.  

Contact us to talk about your mobile application

Next Pixel's work on our website and online marketing has made a significant difference to our fresh started business. We wanted a modern and visual website to reflect our business and the team at Next Pixel went beyond our expectations. We started receiving reservations from the first week we went live, special thank you to Alex Bellis for the great job done!

Dario Ariol Sani, Resident Manager, Borgo Argiano

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