Visual Composer benefits from a business owner’s perspective

Visual Composer is a wonderful WordPress plugin that helps you to take full control of your website content.

We deploy the Visual Composer plugin as standard on all sites we produce as we strongly believe it will make our customers’ lives easier when it comes to managing their website. As an easy-to-use content management aid, we encourage business owners to get stuck in with their website and give the great features of this plugin a whirl. Here are a few reasons why…

Unlimited access to a wide range of content elements

Whilst editing any page or post within WordPress, Visual Composer allows you to choose from a vast amount of content elements that will help to bring your website copy to life. From page headings and imagery to video players and call to actions to promote other areas on your site, there’s no excuse for boring, repetitive content when this plugin is available for you to use. You can freely play around with as many content blocks as you wish, continuing to preview and tweak until you’re completely happy with your page and ready for it to be published on your site.

Visual Composer Elements

Easy content management without any help from your web agency

Building new pages from scratch is something that you can easily do yourself using the hassle-free Visual Composer page builder. This can often mean very little to no help at all is required from your web agency, giving your business the freedom it needs for you to be able to expand and grow your website whenever you like.

Creating a new page yourself can sound like a scary task, but by using simple features available with the plugin such as the ‘drag and drop’ button and various page editing options, this allows you to pretty much see the complete layout of the page before publishing anything to your website for people to see. The preview feature that comes as standard with WordPress can also be very handy when it comes to checking and double-checking your page until you are completely satisfied and ready to hit the ‘publish’ button.

A variety of editing tools available for staff with different skill levels

Depending on the skill set of your staff when it comes to managing websites, or even if you may have personal editing preferences, there are three editing modes available within Visual Composer which can be enabled to suit any persons needs when making changes to a website. No matter how much or how little experience any of your staff may have using WordPress, or any content management system for that matter, the standard VC plugin comes with a front-end editor, back-end editor and a classic mode for updating page content.

The front-end editor is great for someone who prefers to work more visually and would be suited to people with a lower editing skill set. By simply clicking the ‘edit with Visual Composer’ button that appears in the top bar of the website (to logged-in users) whilst navigating through pages, the page quickly switches to editor mode where you may click and edit any element on the page and watch it update in real time.

Visual Composer Frontend

The back-end editor may be beneficial for someone slightly more advanced in maintaining websites and who may potentially have a little HTML knowledge. This version of the Visual Composer editor presents all content elements in an easy-to-read format within the admin area of the site so that you can easily see each content section broken down into rows and columns.

Visual Composer

Finally, there is a ‘classic mode’ available within Visual Composer which presents the page in its raw code form – developers will often use this editor mode due to their skills in HTML and coding however there could be a few members of staff who may surprise you and have some basic knowledge of this too, you never know!

Visual Composer Text

Managing and editing content on a website can seem like a big job, but with Visual Composer everything is broken down into easy to manage chunks and features which can help you to update your website effectively. Of course, if you’re ever completely stuck your web agency are only at the other end of the phone to assist you.

At Next Pixel, we aim to provide long-term support and assistance to all of our clients following the launch of their website. Click here to talk to us about what we can do to help your business.